Tom Moes

Tom Moes’ memories trace back to walking down to the yard with his mother, June, to watch boats come out of the water on the railway and slide onto greased skids, prior to trailers. He also remembers his father, Mike, giving speedboat rides on the river with Zephyr, a 1936 22’ Gar Wood three-cockpit runabout. Tom was an Officer in the Coast Guard from 1967-1970, and then spent a year sailing on freighters on the Great Lakes, before returning to the yard in 1971 to work with his father and brother, John.

Tom still keeps a hand in things day-to-day, and he’s now also the local “Riverlorian,” giving captained historical cruises on the river and sharing his knowledge of the area his life has centered around for so many years. The cruises take place on several of his vintage boats, including on his 1926 26’ Chris-Craft runabout, newly christened Zephyr after his father’s Gar Wood of the same name. When not officially operating in his Riverlorian role, he enjoys cruising with his wife, Carolyn, and one of their favorite activities is spending time with their grandchildren.