more than meets the eye

The love of boating runs deep at Moes Marine.

We understand boats and how to help owners maximize their boating enjoyment with family and friends. It’s what motivates us and what has been a tenant of the business since it was started by current owner Mike Moes’ grandfather, Julius “Mike” Moes, in 1938. Three generations of Moes have dedicated themselves to the boatyard. It’s our passion and purpose.

Moes offers a full range of services that address boat care, repair, refitting and painting/finishing, plus rigging and storage. We have experience in all types of boats, with a specialization in and affinity for classic wooden boats. In addition, we are an authorized sales and service center for MJM Yachts, a luxury powerboat brand. MJM is the most technologically advanced powerboat in class, using a unique building process and great attention to fit, finish and innovative upscale features. Current owner Mike Moes was involved in the building of the first MJM Yacht in Boston, so he literally knows MJM from the ground up.

When Mike returned home to Vermilion, Ohio, to the family business, he brought with him this comprehensive boat-building knowledge, which he married with generations-old Moes experience. Through the years one thing has never changed: Moes Marine continues the tradition of being a resource to boat owners. But it’s also much more than that. We’re co-crafters of experiences. Promoters of inspiration. And partners with you in life well-lived on the water.