About Moes Marine Service, Inc…


View of the boatyard from Liberty Avenue around 1940.

Moes Marine Service, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1938 by Julius “Mike” Moes on the property his uncle and father purchased in 1917 on the banks of the Vermilion River.  The primary operation of the business in the early days was to service and maintain Vermilion’s bustling fishing fleet.  Following WWII, in which Mike served in the Pacific, private ownership of boats increased dramatically and the repair services on the fishing fleet transferred over to pleasure craft.   Although materials changed in the 1970s, we continued to refine the skills we developed in the previous 30 years with wood boats.   Each generation has brought new skills to Moes Marine from varied experiences–among them, service in the U.S. Coast Guard and employment at Boston Boatworks.  We are now in our third generation.

We love boats, and we are partners with owners in the love for their boat.   Most of these classic boats will long outlast us and we are custodians of the boats for a period of time.  Each boat has a long story to tell!   We work with local suppliers whenever possible to source the materials needed for our projects.  We are also members of local organizations that support our community.


About Vermilion…


Vermilion Lighthouse at Main Street Beach

Vermilion, Ohio, is located on the south shore of Lake Erie and has activities and interests for everyone whether you are staying for a day, a weekend, a season, or year-round.   The town has a number of businesses that make Vermilion a great place to care and maintain your boat.  Please visit the Vermilion, OH page on this website for further information.


About this Site…

The Moes Marine website is a large collaboration of the Moes family to write down the rich history of the boatyard that Julius “Mike” Moes founded almost 75 years ago on the property his father and uncle purchased 95 years ago.  He worked tirelessly at the boatyard with the steadfast support of his wife, June, and they raised three children who produced 5 grandchildren and now 1 great-grandchild.  We are all “locally-grown” here in Vermilion and all  graduated from the Vermilion Local Schools.  We are proud of the tradition he started and the community he called his home and we hope to continue the tradition on into the future.


Julius "Mike" Moes working up in the building on Liberty Avenue.


June and Little Tommy (current co-owner of Moes Marine) in front of the Moes Marine sign around 1955.