Project Focus – 26′ Lyman Hardtop Restoration, Part 2

We performed Part 1 of this restoration in early 2011 and resumed work in January of this year.  You can see photos from Part 1 here.

We started by removing the hardtop, windshield, windows and coamings and installing plastic sheeting to protect the interior.  Our worklist consisted of:

  • Sanding, bleaching and sanding the teak decks.
  • Replace 6′ section of planking on starboard bow below waterline.
  • Sand hull, prime, and paint.   The owner chose a flat white enamel for the topcoat that is easy to sand and provides a classic-looking appearance.
  • Lay new waterline and paint waterline.
  • Strip, sand, bleach, stain, seal and varnish transom.
  • Strip, sand, bleach and varnish teak windshields, windows and coamings.
  • Paint bottom at bow, transom and near waterline.

Decks sanded to remove old finish with plastic sheeting to protect the prior work on the interior and floorboards.


John staining the transom.


Laying the new waterline with a laser level. This only works if you spend a lot of time making sure the boat is absolutely level!


The side windows (trunk) are solid teak on the top, bottom and forward pieces but this aft wing section comes from the factory as plywood. Over the years the plywood can rot or sometimes the veneer is sanding off from too many cycles of refinishing. On both sides we replaced them with solid teak. Nice grain!


When we came to the point of mass varnishing and the application of the final coats of white on the hull, we had to shut down the milling of wood to keep the dust down. The 13′ Lyman Outboard became a great platform for drying varnished pieces from the big brother 26’!


The situation has changed for the owner and this boat is now available for sale.   You can see the final photos of this stage of the restoration, the remaining worklist and more about the boat here.

Below are a few more photos during the restoration…


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