Project Focus – 13′ Lyman Outboard Ribs and Decks

This 13′ Lyman Outboard was originally one of Romp’s rental fleet and then was passed on to the current owner’s family.  After many years of use, it was time for a major restoration and pass it on to the next generation!  The owner took on the first step of painstakingly removing with heat and scraper the epoxy coating on the outside of the hull to expose the fasteners.  Then he brought the boat to us and we removed the interior and internal structure including the ribs.

These 13′ Lymans had 2 different sizes of ribs:  every third rib was 3/4″ thick with screws fastened from the outside and the middle 2 ribs were 3/8″ thick and fastened with clench nails.  To strengthen the boat, the owner requested that we install all ribs full thickness and refasten the boat with brass screws from the outside planking into the ribs.

After bending in the ribs and fastening them in the boat, we continued on to the installation of the new decks.  We decided to go with 3/8″ mahogany ribbonstripe plywood for the forward deck and use 3/8″ solid mahogany for the catwalks and inner rails.  We searched through our stock of mahogany for a 4/4 long piece with a nice straight grain to resaw and plane to 3/8″.  The catwalks, inner rails, and trim on the forward deck all came from this same piece of wood and were all glued down with epoxy for a super-strong, rigid boat.


Removing the seats, trim, and decks.


Installing the ribs.


Installing the catwalks. We have lots of clamps, and we were still looking for more!


Installing forward decks.




Forward deck and trim.


Nice straight grain. Ready for stain, seal and varnish!

The boat should launch the summer and we will post photos of the completed project when we receive them!  Here are some more photos of the project below…



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