Launching docks… in March!?!?

Another sign of the apocalypse…  Moes Marine launches docks in March!


This routine was the last use of the this lift that was original equipment (although modified over the years) when Grandpa started the boatyard in 1938.  My Great-Grandfather obtained the steel to build this lift from the old Lakeshore Electric bridge that spanned the Vermilion River (just south of where the Liberty Avenue bridge is today).  Some of the beams contain the Carnegie Steel stamps from the factory!

We are removing this lift for a number of reasons but the most immediate need is to effectively dredge out this area.  Down the line we have a 9-ton travelift that we will install here, but in the meantime this area will be the docks for our new electric boat rental company starting in June or July.  Check back to this site every so often for updates on this new service!

We’ve been organizing the yard in preparation for our maintenance dredging that will start on April 15.  This year we are using a combination of shore-side digging with an excavator on land and water-based digging from a barge out in the river.  The first boat in the water (other than the “Punt”) is YT!  We ran a hose in the boat during the day this week to allow it to swell up and then lifted the bow up while in the slings to start the swelling in the stern.  She is ready to launch!


Here’s a few more photos of our dock launching…


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I pinch myself every day... I can't believe I'm back in Vermilion working at the boatyard! I grew up spending afternoons and summer days working at Moes Marine. I moved to Boston after college and met my wonderful wife, Maura, while living life in the big city and working at Boston BoatWorks. We traveled and volunteered abroad for 9 months in 2009 and then found our way back to our families in Ohio. We are now living in downtown Vermilion with our son, Owen, who visits the boatyard daily at coffee break!