Vermilion Harbor has navigable water for entry via the EAST entrance of the breakwall

Recent press reports have discussed the shallow water issue in the Vermilion Harbor from Hurricane Sandy last fall but have not entirely provided the complete picture for boaters coming to visit Vermilion this year and those that call the Port of Vermilion “home”. I thought it might be helpful to provide some additional information with more specifics on the issue in a bullet-point format:

  • There is sufficient depth on the EAST entrance to the harbor for both sailboats and powerboats. Please see the map below that show depth soundings taken this spring by the Vermilion Port Authority. (Obviously a disclaimer should be noted here in that as you approach Vermilion Harbor or any harbor you should consult your charts and monitor your depth to provide safe entry for you and your passengers).

  • The City of Vermilion, the Vermilion Port Authority, local marinas, boat clubs, and neighborhood associations along the Vermilion River are keeping up with their own maintenance dredging with the help of our local contractors and in some cases dredging into the Improved Channel to provide depth for their dockers and visitors to Vermilion.
  • The City of Vermilion, the Vermilion Port Authority, local marinas, boat clubs, neighborhood associations and local businesses are diligently working with our local, state and national representatives along with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to solicit funding for dredging the EAST entrance of the Vermilion Harbor. There is a meeting on this subject at the Vermilion Courthouse on April 17th at 6PM.
  • Lake Erie water levels are low but they are not close to the all-time low and are projected to rise 5 inches during the month of April and continue to increase as they typically do each spring and summer and then begin to fall in autumn. We should see approximately the same water levels as we saw last year starting around July which is about 10 inches below the long-term average. The USACE monitors and publishes daily updates and historical data on the depth of the Great Lakes and any discussion regarding Great Lakes water levels should reference their information.   Here is the report from April 11 on Lake Erie:

Here are a few more interesting links on the USACE Great Lakes website:

I hope this information is helpful.  We look forward to seeing you in Vermilion this year!


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