List of Boats of the ACBS Rendezvous at Moes Marine on June 10

Sorry this took so long to get up here on the site!  Here’s a list of the boats that were at the boatyard on June 10 for the North Coast Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society’s Annual Season Kick-Off Rendezvous.


Top left:  1947 Higgins Sedan Cruiser (docks at Moes Marine).  This boat has a long history with our family that you can read on this post.

Bottom right:   1959 Chris Craft 17′ SkiTow “First Date”.  This boat has been in the family  since the day it was purchased in Alpeena, MI.  The current owners had their first date on the boat which of course explains the namesake!


Top left:  1967 26′ Lyman Hardtop (docks at Moes Marine).  The owner has recently completed a major restoration of the boat.  We removed and installed the new decks and the owner continued the project from there by staining, sealing, varnishing and caulking the decks.

Bottom right:  26′ Lyman Cruisette (docks at Moes Marine).  The owner of this Lyman did the entire restoration on this boat.


Top left:  1960 15′ Lyman Outboard

Top right:  1937 17′ Chris Craft Custom Runabout

Bottom left:  1957 17′ Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout “Stash”.  This boat has the original bottom and no screw has been replaced!  The boat has been in the family since 1973 on the Portage Lakes.

Bottom right:  1942 Century SeaMate “Double Barrel”.  The owner just completed a 10-year restoration of the boat just last year!


Top:  1950 28′ Chris Craft Super Semi-Enclosed Cabin Cruiser “YT”.  This is our Moes Marine family boat!

Middle:  26′ Lyman Hardtop (docks in Vermilion).  Last fall we completed a major hull planking job on this boat.  I intend to post up an article on that project sometime in the near future!

Bottom: 1956 26′ Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser (stores at Moes Marine).  We completed a major restoration on this boat in 2007 and we continue to maintain this boat.  The owner has made a difficult decision to part with “Our Reverie” and I will be posting the boat here on the website in the “For Sale” section in the very near future.


Above:  Late 1940’s 37′ Crocker yawl “Sea Dawn” (stores at Moes Marine).  The owner completed a several year major restoration on the boat in 2007 while stored here at the yard.  You can read a bit more of the history of the boat on this post.


Above:  1942 Century SeaMate “Double Barrel”


Above:  1957 17′ Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout “Stash”


Above:  1959 Chris Craft 17′ SkiTow “First Date”


Above:  1959 Chris Craft 17′ SkiTow “First Date”


Above:  1969 26′ Lyman Cruisette “Mary Gee”.  The current owners are the original owners of the boat and it was purchased here in Vermilion at Romp’s Water Port!


Foreground:  Three Old Towne canoes.  We completed a full restoration on the center one in the 1990’s (may be another project post at some point).

Background left:  1940 37′ Chris Craft Double Stateroom Enclosed Cruiser (docks here at Moes Marine).  This boat is owned by Dad and we have some plans for this boat (keeping checking back to the website for updates!).

Right:  1952′ 24′ Chris Craft Express Cruiser (docks at Moes Marine).


Above:  1941 19′ Chris Craft Custom Runabout


Above:  1937 22′ Chris Craft Custom Runabout


Left:  Lyman (More info coming soon!)

Right:  Lyman (More info coming soon!)

Top:  38′ Matthews Cruiser (More info coming soon!)


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