Local and regional photographers take some great shots at the ACBS Rendezvous on June 10

We always appreciate our local photographers coming down to our events at Moes Marine!

Chuck Humel of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram has some great photos of the boats at the dock and the restoration of the 1927 26′ Dodge Watercar in our shop.  You can see them on the Chronicle’s website here. Thanks Chuck! Come visit anytime for a progress update on the Dodge!

Ingemar Svala of the Vermilion Photojournal made it down just in time for the ACBS river cruise and lake speed session and photo shoot.   He got some great photos from the cockpit of Moes Marine’s 1950 28′ Super Semi-Enclosed Cabin Cruiser “YT” (credit must also go to the skillful piloting job of John Moes to get the photographers in the right place for the shot!).   You can see his photos on his website here.  Thanks Ingemar!

Bob Reese was also on “YT” during the romp around the lake and got this great shot of “Stash” and “First Date”.   Thanks for letting us post it here Bob!

"Stash" and "First Date" out on Lake Erie during the ACBS Rendezvous in Vermilion on June 10 - Photo courtesy Bob Reese


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