Project Focus – Replacing the stem on 1964 21′ Lyman Hardtop

We playfully refer to the job of replacing a stem as “Filleting a Lyman” which you will understand by the following photo!


Replacing the stem on a Lyman.

This Lyman is actually somewhat of a rare one because of the hardtop.  This was the current owner’s first Lyman but has been in his barn for a while as he has been using his 26′ Lyman Hardtop.  He brought it out of storage to work on it and asked us to go over it to attend to the structural problems before he started on the paint and varnish.  The boat was in great shape and this was all we found structurally.

After removing all of the screws of the first few ribs we pry apart the hull planking to expose the stem.  After removing the bad wood and treating the remaining wood, we fit and install the new oak stem pieces.


Dad fitting the stem.

After installing the stem and re-fastening the planking, we paint the new wood with Red Lead Primer to finish off the job.  From here the owner will continue the restoration!

Neat looking boat!  Note the sliding sunroof on top of the hardtop.


1964 21' Lyman Hardtop


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