Project Focus – 26′ Lyman Hardtop

We started this project in December 2010 and we completed the first phase of the restoration in April 2011.  The major portion of the project was the refinishing of all the interior panels.  In order to do this efficiently we disassembled and removed as many of the parts from the boat as possible so we could strip, sand, seal and varnish individually.  As we disassembled the boat we were reminded at how easily it came apart which shows how well they were put together on the production line at Lyman Boatworks.

Since a large percentage of the panels were flat we were able to run them through our sanding machine.  We timed the mass varnishing of the pieces to coincide with the end of another project in the shop so after we moved the other boat out we could use all of the main floorspace for the final coats of varnish.

Here are a few “before” and “after” photos of the interior:

















Once we removed all of the interior, this allowed easy access to the bilge areas for some other projects such as scraping and painting the bilge, securing and replacing wiring were necessary and removal and cleaning of water tank and associated plumbing.

After discussion with the owner, we found that he was having problems with clogging fuel filters so we recommended replacing the fuel tank and fuel lines.  Because of the age of the boats we work with, we see a lot of fuel problems because of corroding fuel tanks from age and there is some impact from today’s fuels.

Other tasks performed:  replace ceiling panels on hull sides, replace vinyl on floorboards, fabricate new companionway hatch, strip and sand inside of side window frames and replace window track.

The next stage of the project will be the restoration of the hardtop and windshields which we will start in June after all of our boats and docks are in the water.  Check back again for more updates on the project!

Click through the pics below for more photos of this first phase of this restoration.  Note the “1 2 3 ->” below the thumbnails… click on the numbers for more pictures!


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