The Art of Coffee Break


Coffee Break at the boatyard... a time for family and friends to visit.

It’s 10:00 am at Moes Marine.  The coffee pot is percolating.  The regulars start moseying in and pull up a worn wooden stool.  The well-loved collection of mugs is picked over and coffee is served.  Tom and John hop up on their respective step ladders.  Homemade treats are not uncommon and always celebrated.  For the next half hour, folks will take the time to sit, ponder, discuss and share anything and everything.  This is the fine art of coffee break.

A tradition as old as Moes Marine itself, coffee break occurs twice daily at 10:00am and 3:00pm.  Newcomers are encouraged to join us for this calming, restorative and meditative practice in the current day of hustle-bustle.  Coffee break honors the quality and pace of an era gone by.  It is a cultural phenomenon in this beloved lakeside community.


Sometimes space can be limited.


Tom imparts wisdom to the next generation.


Owen's first cup of coffee!


About Maura

During a nursing internship in the summer of 2001, I shadowed Carolyn Moes and after a fair amount of meddling/matchmaking from my mother (also a nurse) and Carolyn I met Mike Moes in Boston. I officially became a Moes on August 26, 2006. I have followed in my mother-in-laws footsteps in birthwork as well as being a boatyard wife. In February, Mike and I became very proud parents to our Owen, the first born of the 4th generation!