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Vermilion, OH - Since 1938

Welcome to our new website!  First and foremost, we would like to thank our customers and members of the community for their continued support of Moes Marine Service.  We intend to carry on the tradition that Julius “Mike” Moes started back in 1938 on into the future.

This website is a collaborative effort of the Moes family to write down the rich history of Moes Marine.  We have so much to write about but we had to start somewhere! Throughout the site we have added lots of photos as we have numerous photo albums packed with photos.  Make sure you click on the thumbnails at the bottom of the articles so they expand to full size.   We hope to add at least one article each week so please check back to our site often!  Also, at the bottom of the pages there may be a link to “Previous Articles”… please click on it to see older posts.  If you are looking for a specific post, enter a keyword in the “Search” box on the right side of the page.

The History section is a collection of articles about the Moes family, Moes Marine, the Vermilion River and the town of Vermilion. We have lots of old photos of various historical significance.  In some cases we do not have the whole story but what we will write down is what we know to the best of our knowledge.  We hope there are others out there that might have additional photographs or information (or corrections!) that we hope you will share with us.

We have lots of content for the Projects portfolio!  In addition to our current projects, we have a great record of past projects with many photos.  Some larger projects may be spread across several articles.  We will do the best we can to respond to comments on the articles, but please don’t feel slighted if we do not.  We wish we could respond to all of them!

The Launchings page will highlight recent completed restoration projects performed by us or our customers’ own projects.   We will also post articles about  new boats – either brand new builds or used boats that are “new” to us – that arrived at the yard.

Our Boats for Sale page will provide a list of boats in our yard that are looking for new owners.  Please contact us if you are interested in any of these boats.  At this time we will not list any boats outside of the yard, but we may offer this option in the future.

The Parts/Equipment for Sale page is a large work-in-progress.  We’ve gathered a large quantity of boat parts, equipment and tools over the years and we would like to pass them on to those who could use them.  Please check back to this site as we get this area more organized.  We will not ship any items at this time.

If you are interested in coming to visit, please visit the Vermilion page for links to other websites about our town.  There is something here for everyone!

Please feel free to leave comments on this site and on our Facebook page.  Also, come on down and visit!  Coffee break is a great time to stop by.

Again, thanks for visiting our new website and we hope you enjoy what you find here!


About Mike

I pinch myself every day... I can't believe I'm back in Vermilion working at the boatyard! I grew up spending afternoons and summer days working at Moes Marine. I moved to Boston after college and met my wonderful wife, Maura, while living life in the big city and working at Boston BoatWorks. We traveled and volunteered abroad for 9 months in 2009 and then found our way back to our families in Ohio. We are now living in downtown Vermilion with our son, Owen, who visits the boatyard daily at coffee break!