Project Focus – 26 ft Lyman Stem Knee and Keel Replacement

When we received this 1972 Lyman Cruisette in the late fall of 2015, we immediately noticed a nick out of the knee, located at the bow of the boat, which lead us to believe that its brittleness had spread to the keel.


Once we tore it apart we found that our suspicions were correct and that the knee, keel, and stem weren’t even worth salvaging. While we were in the boat, we made sure to finish the previous owner’s job and replaced the last 25% of the keel and garboard planks. While we worked there, we used 2x4s to stabilize the peeled pack planks and keep them out of the way.



Now looking down into the repair area from above with the stem, which is still a large piece of wood, we fit this into place with the already cut Stem and Keel, which were held in by clamps.


Tom spent time rebuilding the whole thing by cutting out pieces of wood and glueing them together to fit the shape that was needed.


We also removed the sistered ribs and put in single lengths to make them look more original. The pencil marks you see on the wood were to indicate where to put the bolts in and at what angle they needed to be at, to be the most effective.


Finally, with help from railroad jacks, hydraulic jacks, clamps, multi-masters, chisel, grinder and long bronze carriage bolts, we were able to successfully finish the project with a template for any future work we will do on this subject.


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